Exhaust & Intake Manifold Resurfacing

We use our MTE Resurfacing Belt Sander to resurface most Exhaust & Intake manifolds.

If the situation arises we can set-up on the Kwik-Way 862 CBN Resurfacer, but most times this way is cost prohibited


Cast Iron Repairs

Brazing off Broken Cast

We can braze cast lugs or some cracks on blocks, manifolds and cylinder heads. This cylinder head had a crack running over the valve cover area and into threaded hole on side


We can machine your heads to relieve casting obstructions under the seat area increasing flow of the ports.

Flywheel Resurfacing

We use a Winona Van Norman model FG500 flywheel resurfacer for all types of flywheels. We use a CBN impregnated grinding wheel and we can resurface step flywheels up to 24 inch diameter.