Cylinder Head & Block Cleaning

There is a few ways that we clean cylinder heads. The first process is to simply put the cylinder head into our PMW wash system which is a machine that uses caustic water heated to 200 degrees and muti high pressure spray heads to clean the cylinder head. A clean water rinse is processed thru the same machine.

This machine can handle BIG blocks & Heads.

Our next step is to tear down the head (if a valve job is to be performed) and use high speed stainless steel wire wheels to clean intake and exhaust ports and surfaces.

With blocks and heavily contaminated cast iron cylinder heads we completely tear down the block/cylinder head and submerge them into a heated caustic Hot Tank for 24 hrs and then process them thru the PMW system. 

PMW wash system (shown with 3206 Cat head
PMW wash system (shown with 3206 Cat head

Cylinder Head Reconditioning Process

Step # 1

We will pull bar vacuum on ports to check valve seating condition.



Step # 2

Next we will clean carbon from combustion chambers, intake and exhaust ports



Step #3

Next the head will be resurfaced to within .001 flatness.



Step #4

If we determine the cylinder head needs to have valves worked on we will at this point disassemble the head, check guides for wear and clean valve bowels.



step #5

Then the valves will get reconditioned which involves dressing valve stems,  steel shot blasting, grinding of the valve face and stem ends.



step #6

We will then set-up the cylinder head in our Serdi machine


Then machine seats to the valves to precise tolerances


that are checked with bar vacuum pulling from ports.


Finally we reassemble the cylinder head installing new oil and cam seals where needed. Pre-lubing all valves and cams.


Cylinder Head & Block Resurfacing

All diesel heads and some cast iron heads are surfaced on our Kwik-Way 862 CBN Resurfacer. This machine has a head capacity of 16" x 48". We also resurface cylinder blocks on this machine. 

Aluminum heads are resurfaced on our MTE silcon carbide belt sander with a capacity of 14" x 36"

We can achieve flatness to within .001 from this machine



We can provide you with balanced and specific combustion chamber sizing.

This process is achieved by varying seat height, valve type, deck height and combustion chamber resizing. CC'ing a cylinder head is a process that measures the volume of the combustion chambers in the cylinder head. The term CC'ing is the cubic centimeters of the pocket (combustion chamber) around the valves. the purpose of CC'ing the head is to determine the compression ratio of the engine. You cannot compute the compression ratio if you do not know the size of your combustion chambers. Also it is important in performance heads to have equal cc'ed heads to balance the engines compression to each cylinder. 


Pressure Testing

 We use a process of blocking off all water jacket casting openings and subject cylinder head to 40-60 psi of air pressure within the water jacket. Then we check with fluid on outside of cylinder head to find any leaks due to cracks.